Web Based Accounting Software

ZipBooks is the next generation web based accounting and inventory software, which gives you a control over your accounts and Inventory functions. It is basically a web based accounting software which can be accessed from anywhere and at anytime. It is an integrated system which takes care of all your business processes including your sales and purchase transactions.

The software allows you to connect all your business locations, giving you a command over your accounting and inventory. It helps you understand your sales, purchases, receivables, profitability etc. and further makes analyzing of data possible.

You can track your Profitability, Stock Balances, Sales Summary, Purchase Summary etc. just at a glance through ZipBook's interactive Dashboard. ZipBooks handles complete accounts, online and generates various reports like Ledger Reports, Outstanding Reports, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss A/C, Tax Summary reports etc. It also helps to maintain accounts master and post various vouchers.

Inventory can be managed easily and from anywhere through ZipBooks. It allows storing data of items along with its detailed master information, codes and attributes. It also maintains data of Alternate units along with Tax Details and generates reports like Stock Summary, Stock Ledger, Stock Transfer Register etc.

ZipBooks allows to manage Purchase flow efficiently with your vendors, starting from Purchase Order to managing Purchase Return. It also has a provision to give discounts and calculate tax. Various registers like Purchase Order Register, Goods Receipt Register, Purchase and Purchase Return Register, Debit Note Register along with pending reports can be generated.

The whole sales process is captured in ZipBooks which includes recording products ordered to goods returned by customer. It helps in creating customer invoices and deliver products based on orders, taking into consideration tax, terms & Conditions etc. Sales reports which include various registers and pending reports are captured through ZipBooks.

ZipBooks which is a web based accounting and inventory software thus fulfills all your business needs along with optimizing the profitability of your business.