Terms of Service

The terms of service are updated regularly on this page and we request all our clients to visit the same on frequent intervals. You will be informed of any important changes to our Terms


ZipBooks.in is designed for accounting


By Registering with us, you warrant us that you are authorized to enter into agreement between you and us. All the terms of services will be binding on you. It would be at our discretion to accept or not to accept your application to create Zipbbooks.in account. The Reason maybe Technical Constraints, Ban of your business as per our services, not been possible to confirm your identity or any other reason. No charge will be deducted for applications which have not been accepted.

Exclusion of Liability

ZipBooks.in will not be liable if due to the actions of a third person or any misguidance of a third party you suffer from any losses or additional charges etc.

ZipBooks.in will not be liable to you for any kind of failure in its duties if it has occurred due to situations out of their control. ZipBooks.in will not be liable in case of discovery of frauds. It will not be responsible for any damage or loss incurred due to concealment of information or any misinterpretation.

Third Party Rights

The information provided by ZipBooks.in is for your use only and cannot be made available to any third party with whom you communicate unless we have expressly agreed about it. We will not be responsible for any information or material which you make available to them.


We will manage your accounts correctly only if you agree to protect your account credentials. We will not be responsible if you share your login information to anyone outside your organization.


You will be able to access the zipbooks.in services only with a valid username and password. If you are not able to retrieve your password through E-Mail, you will have to go through verification check to regain your account. We hold the right for final decision.


You will be given a non-transferable license to use our zipbooks.in with all the terms of service. If you give another party the access to your account, it will be at your risk. You will be the one liable to ZipBooks.in, to abide with the terms of services.


The Account Holder himself will be responsible for the security of passwords of ZipBooks.in. Please keep passwords given to you safe and secure. The staff of ZipBooks.in do not have access to any of the Account Holder's password and it will not be possible to access your account unless and until given permission and authentication by the Account Holder himself. All the transfer of data between our server and external environment is encrypted.

Fees and Payment Terms

Based on the pricing mentioned, a subscription fees will be charged from the user and Service Tax also will be charged at applicable rates as on date.


We shall have no obligation to provide the Service if timely payment is not made of subscription fees. It is to be ensured by Account Holder that we have all the billing and contact details during the subscription period which includes Account Holder's full name, business address and email address where bill can be sent. We reserve the right to suspend your access to the service if the subscription fees is not paid and becomes overdue.

Suspension or Termination

In case of failure to abide by the terms and services mentioned or payment of subscription fees not made on time, we would reserve the right to suspend the access to your service. By giving notice of one month, we reserve the right to to close any ZipBooks.in account with any reason. ZipBooks.in would not be liable to pay any fines if suspension of your account leads to inability of managing your company accounts and leading to any costs.

Refund and Cancellation

If you wish to cancel our services, your data will be retained in our system for 3 months. After 3 months your data will be deleted from our system. We recommend you to use the trial version first. If you are satisfied with our services you can opt for buying option. In no case refund will be given after the purchase.


We will take reasonable steps at all times to ensure that the services provided suits your intended use but we cannot ensure that it will be entirely secure, virus-free, timely and error-free at all times as it would depend on the the reliability of internet. We will try our best to keep any obstacles to minimum but there might be a requirement to stop the services due to maintenance and support work.

Prohibited Use

You will be not be allowed to remove or change the conditions of use, any notices of copyrights and other identification disclaimers as they appear in the website or in any print format except mentioned in this agreement. You will also not be permitted to provide any person, content through electronic means other than an authorized user or even alter any part or the content except permitted under this agreement.


You do not have ownership rights in the Service or any of the Intellectual property rights relating to or arising out of this agreement. The legal and beneficial interest in all copyrights, proprietary information and rights as well as Intellectual property rights belong to us. The Account Holder only retains the ownership of Intellectual Property Rights that is there in their Data for example logo. The Intellectual Property Rights in Account Holder's data will not be transferred to us. We will only use your Data to provide service but in case of any investigation of any unlawful activities we reserve the right to disclose your data to law enforcement officers.

Limited Liability

Neither of the party shall be liable under this agreement to other party for any kind of damages including without limitation loss of Goodwill, whether it arises from Negligence, Breach of Contract or any other means.

Liability to us

The Account Holder shall be held liable if any expenses are incurred by us as a result of breach of terms of services by you if the Account Holder accesses the the service using the password that has been created to control access to their Account. You shall be held liable for any expenses incurred in case of breach of these Terms and Services by you.

Further provisions

We are entitled to assign our rights and/or obligations under the Terms of Service to another party. You will not be allowed to transfer any of your rights or obligations without our prior written consent under the Terms of Services.

Data Protection

We may Process, Use and Disclose your personal data, with a purpose of carrying out the services of this engagement and for other related purposes like crime Prevention and Legal & Regulatory Compliance.

Electronic Communication

When we communicate with you via email or any other electronic means, there will be chances of delayed Receipt, non receipt or misdirection by third parties. You will be responsible for checking emails and attachments for virus. Hence we can't be held responsible for any damage or loss caused by them. We will also not be liable for any problems in sensitive material.

Applicable Law

These Terms of Service are constructed in accordance with Indian Law.