Tracks your accounting transactions

ZipBooks helps tracking your accounting transactions through various ledgers and vouchers. It also allows you to drill down to accounting vouchers from any accounting reports, thus helping you to view the full details of the transactions. Several vouchers can be maintained in ZipBooks like Bank Payment, Bank Receipt, Bank Transfer, Cash Deposit, Cash Payment, Cash Receipt, Cash Transfer, Cash Withdrawal, Credit Note, Debit Note etc.

Captures your outstanding payables / receivables

You get to know the outstanding payables/receivables through ZipBooks. You can view the summary as well as detailed report for the same. The document amount along with the pending amount is displayed. The bill days are also reflected. You can export your outstanding payables/receivables report to Excel or PDF and even take a print of the same.

Records billwise ledger

ZipBooks records bill wise ledger entries. You can get the information regarding the balance, pending amount, the date on which it is due along with the bill days. You can also export this billwise ledger to Excel and PDF.

Manages bills from vendors

ZipBooks helps to manage bills from vendors through bill references. It helps in maintaining details of payment terms, the number of credit days and the credit limit allowing to keep complete track of your bills from vendors.

Generates various accounting reports

Accounts module in ZipBooks provides various reports which can be easily exported to Excel as well as PDF. The list of reports generated from accounting modules are as below

  • Day Book
  • Voucher Register
  • Ledger Report
  • Billwise Ledger
  • Monthly Ledger Summary
  • Group Summary
  • Outstanding Receivables
  • Outstanding Payables
  • Customer Outstandings
  • Vendor Outstandings
  • Trial Balance
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit & Loss A/c.
  • Audit Trail
  • Statistics

Comprehensive inventory management

Inventory management in ZipBooks helps you to maintain your items and their stock levels in multiple locations. You can also have mutiple Units of measurements for your stock items.

You can define multiple item groups and place your items under respective groups for furhter reporting of stock.

Goods receipts made easy

You can post goods receipts at the time of arrival of new stock at your location, which can be with reference to previously created purchase order or without purchase order. ZipBooks records goods receipts transaction for various vendors.

ZipBooks also captures other details of delivery like despatch date, despatch document number, vendor invoice details etc. through which you can get complete report of goods receipts.

It captures the store details along with the unit of measurement which lets you know about the store of the goods to which they are being received.

Sales delivery

You can post sales delivery transcations against sales order or without order of the respective customer. The sales delivery will allow you to not only capture the customer name and address details but also will record delivery details like despatch document number, despatch mode, number of packs and other details relevant details.

Referencing with sales order helps to maintain and track pending deliveries against sales orders.

Stock transfers

Move stock between your different locations with stock transfer transction. You can setup as many stock locations as you need. ZipBooks enables you to capture details like your stock transfer type, items with their codes, store details, quantity of item and its unit of measure.

The stock transfer transaction in inventory also helps you to record loss of items, production or conversion of items.

Easily import & export data

An effortless in and out of data into your master data records allows you to maintain your master data with ease. Export any of your reports in Excel or PDF format as and when required.

Importing your master data in ZipBooks is only 3 step process. Step 1: download Excel template for desired master data, Step 2: fill in your data in Excel format and Step3: Upload your filled in Excel file to import the master data. ZipBooks will display results of the import on your screen with success or failure message along with the reason of failure.

You can also import master data from Tally XML file.


ZipBooks offers a wide variety of reports related to inventory transactions. You can also export these reports in Excel or PDF format. The different reports generated from ZipBooks are

  • Stock Summary
  • Stock Ledger
  • Goods Receipt Register
  • Sales Delivery Register
  • Purchase Register
  • Sales Register
  • Stock Transfer Register

Streamline your procurement processes and manage purchase orders through ZipBooks

Purchase module in ZipBooks streamlines procurement of the required raw material or trading material

It helps to raise Purchase Orders to your vendors. Purchase orders can be created with just few easy steps and are tracked in real time. Capture details like purchase order type, vendor details, quantity of items, rates and tax details etc. The systems allows you to take print of your purchase order or export to PDF.

Track your purchases and remain always updated about the arrival of your stock

Track status of the goods received and pending through goods receipts against Purchase orders or without purchase orders. ZipBooks facilitates you to post instant goods receipts as soon as the items are received by the user againsts the Purchase Order raised. An easy interlinking with the Inventory ensures that as soon as the goods are received it gets automatically updated in the stock ledger and stock summary reports.

Easily post your purchase invoices

Quickly and easily post purchase invoices based on purchase order and/or goods receipts data. Automatically gets synced with the accounts module as soon the purchase invoice is posted. You can print the posted invoice or export to PDF anywhere and anytime.

Post purchase invoices for different items along with their unit of measure and store location, rate, tax details etc. ZipBooks enables you to avoid duplicate invoicing from vendors.

Track products that are to be returned to the vendor

You can easily keep a record of the purchase return transactions through ZipBooks. It lets you maintain the names of suppliers to whom you are returning the goods.

It captures all the details of the product you are returning along with its delivery details. It also helps you in recording debit notes to the vendor against your returns.


ZipBooks powerful analytics gives you complete visibility into your entire purchase process. The list of reports that can be fetched from ZipBooks are as below

  • Purchase Order Register
  • Goods Receipt Register
  • Purchase Register
  • Purchase Return Register
  • Debit Note Register
  • Pending Purchase Orders
  • Pending Forms

Manage your Sales Orders

Create new sales orders instantly and from anywhere. ZipBooks sales order management facilitates the entry and processing of sales orders for respective products from order entry to consumer invoicing. ZipBooks helps you to maintain all necessary information related to the customer and product data.

You can print the sales order or export to PDF as an when required. ZipBooks provides you real time pending sales order status which enables you to server your customers better.

Sales Deliveries

You can post sales deliveries against pending sales orders or without sales order as required. The sales delivery will allow you to not only capture the customer name and address details but also will record the despatch document number, despatch mode, agent, sales exeutives, shipping party and other required details.

Sales deliveries referenced to the sales orders helps you to track pending deliveries against sales orders.


Have real time information of sales invoice from any corner of the world. Generate your sales invoice with reference to your sales delivery.

Create different types of sales invoice like tax invoice, retail invoice, interstate invoice. Invoicing modules makes the entire process of creating and sending invoices to your customers very simple and easy. Generate and send an invoice instantly and automate the entire process.

Build reports with ease

Sales reports generated from ZipBooks will give you an overview of the top selling products, sales revenue generated and many more

The list of reports generated from Sales Module in ZipBooks are as below

  • Sales Order Register
  • Sales Delivery Register
  • Sales Register
  • Sales Return Register
  • Credit Note Register
  • Pending Sales Order
  • Shipment Status Update